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Winery Tours and Wine Tastings in Myrtle Beach South Carolina

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"Winery Tours and Wine Tastings in Myrtle Beach South Carolina"
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Vineyards of the Carolinas have tastings, tours, and even festivals to offer. In fact, the region around Myrtle Beach is home to three breathtaking wineries. A phenomenal getaway is in store for anyone who decides to visit them.

First Stop: La Belle Amie Winery

Despite the five hurricanes which have already wrought havoc on it, La Belle Amie has survived and will continue to prosper. It's a newer winery near Little River, in the Grand Strand area. Land for the vineyard was cleared by 1996 and the wine and gift shop was built in 1999. The atmosphere is pleasant and inviting. In addition to their home-grown varieties, they offer an expansive collection of wines from North Carolina, Washington California, and Romania. They also import unique wines made with vinifera grapes, which cannot be cultivated in South Carolina, from family-run vineyards in Languedoc, France. Their tasting room is open Monday through Saturday from 10am to 5pm. Newbies who have yet to learn the five steps of wine tasting can finally learn them in this very room! Other activities include picnicking and exploring, but guided tours must be reserved. A tour guide will share knowledge about the vineyard's history, farm operations, and plant life. Themed music festivals or bonfires are also held here monthly.

Second Stop: Silver Coast Winery

The verdant 40 acres of Silver Coast Winery are surrounded by woodlands. This is the place where over 30 award-winning wines are created. The winery's selection includes the likes of Chardonnay and Merlot, Cabernet and Sanglovese. To learn exactly how these reach their bottles, guests may take a 20 minute tour from the vineyard to the cellar. A guide will explain each step along the way. Guests can also browse paintings and sculptures of the constantly changing art exhibits. Perhaps a wine tasting seminar also sounds interesting, in which case, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are ideal for visits. The latter is especially fun because wacky dance parties are thrown on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month from 5pm to 8pm. Other events such as the Purple Feet Festival, Festa Italia, and even a Caribbean Wine Cruise only make the elegant Silver Coast Winery more enticing.

Last Stop: Duplin Winery

Duplin is the largest winery in the Southeast, and also the oldest; it was founded in the seventies. Muscadine wines were, and still are, their award-winning specialty. Guests may sample sweet and affordable varieties at a forty foot tasting bar. The size is not surprising after one has seen how spacious every room is. The banquet hall, the production center, and even the retail room are enormous. The space is convenient for events like their whodunit dinner and their Christmas musical. Another event called the Grape Stomp Spectacular is chance to indulge in a beach buffet and join in a grape stomping competition. Tours are free, but like the other two vineyards, Duplin Winery is closed Sundays.

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