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What to do if Stranded in a Foreign Country

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"What to do if Stranded in a Foreign Country"
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Getting stranded in a foreign country can happen for a variety of reasons. Victims could miss their flight or their boat and subsequently become stranded. They could also find themselves in the heat of a storm which subsequently leaves them stranded, all the way to being arrested and held prisoner. Whatever the reason for being stranded in a foreign country, there are many things that can be done to ensure a safe trip home.

Contact friends and family

The first thing that should be done if you find yourself stranded in a foreign country is to notify friends and family in regards to the situation that you have found yourself in. Not only will this prevent them from worrying when you do not turn up home as scheduled, but they will also advise you as to what can be done in the mean time and they may even bail you out of the situation by helping you get home. Always be sure that friends and family know what is happening when you find yourself stranded in a foreign country.

Attempt to negotiate the cause of the situation

The cause of becoming stranded in a foreign country can often be negotiated. For cancelled flights due to weather situations or unforeseen events such as terrorist scares, flights can be rescheduled for free. Explain the situation and they may even pay for your accommodation and travel fees while you are stuck in the country. If you find yourself stranded due to missing your flight, again, explain the situation and create a justified alibi that could land you free rescheduled tickets or discounted tickets. For other situations such as being stranded due to being in jail or in custody, contact your legal advisor if you cannot talk your way out of the situation yourself.

Seek help and assistance from the local community

In the event of the unforeseen such as flights being cancelled due to weather or missing your flight, you can seek help from the local community. Speak to people at the airport for more information. A member of the local community could take pity on you and give you a place to stay and a place to eat until the situation is sorted. You could also ask the local community for advice on what can be done to fix the situation and for the means of contacting your loved ones to let them know what is going on.

Being stranded in a foreign country can be a scary, stressful and generally tiresome ordeal but it can happen for one reason or another, some of which are beyond control. Whatever the reason for being stranded, there are many ways to fix the situation. Firstly, always be sure to contact friends and family to let them know you are okay and for help and support, financial if need be, on what you can do next to get home. From there, attempt to negotiate your situation and plea with the local community whether the airport, port or otherwise and always be sure to seek help and assistance from local authorities and the local community in the event of an emergency.

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