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Warm and Inexpensive Vacation Spots in the us Hot and Cheap away from Home

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"Warm and Inexpensive Vacation Spots in the us Hot and Cheap away from Home"
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Warm and Inexpensive Vacation Spots in the US: Hot and Cheap Away from Home

 As we plan our vacation get away from the dreary mid winter blues, we want warm sunshine, but we do not want to pay an arm and a leg for it.  You are not really looking for the luxury spa treatment, or the championship golf course, just some sunny days to tan away the pale legs. With the Resort and vacation destinations, pumping big money into marketing their “all inclusive” packages it can be difficult to find a place in the sun just to put your towel down.

 In the United States, places like Phoenix, Arizona where the high temperature averages Eighty degrees over 12 months, or Key West, Florida where the year round high temperature lingers near the upper seventies and only peaking into the nineties briefly, enough to be slapped back to the high eighties. The Southern Border States from Florida to California all enjoy high year round temperatures, as compared to the snow laden northeast with the only limit being how far one wants to travel.

 The next choice is “when” to go and get the most for your travel dollar. The winter season becomes the travel season for those seeking to escape the cold and it boosts the winter economy of the warmer winter states. It also makes it tough to find an inexpensive get-away that is not packed with “snowbirds”. The best-kept secrets are the outlaying towns with smaller populations. Usually close enough to drive into town for any major needs, but far enough away to remain peaceful.

 Cara Langley of the Arizona Biltmore (Phoenix, Arizona) suggests seeking online for special rates at some of the finest resorts in America, and online booking sites can give superior discounts to the frugal traveler. It gives the travel dollar a good stretch, as some of the packages include vouchers for meals at the restaurants on property, and all the typical resort fees within the total cost of the package. While the dusty motor lodge will do at 69 dollars a night, with a little bit of effort one can find superior accommodations for slightly more.

 As you return to the slush and snow blindness of home, you will have plenty of tales to tell your friends. The warm, sun filled days, the cheap and exotic foods, the adventure of travel that everyone wishes had slides to go with it, and yes, you will have it all. And as they stand before you, glowing white light bulbs before your bronze tanned face, you can throw your head back and laugh, as you did it all for pennies a day.

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