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The American Association of Retired People defines a senior as any person over 55 years of age. These people are generally retired from full time jobs, on a fixed income, and are now talking about grandchildren rather than children. The also have time on their hands and fewer obligations, so many like to travel, and they like to travel to the Caribbean? Why to the Caribbean? Because it is close to most areas and can be reached in a day, the people almost all speak English, and uses US currency, so changing money is easy. But where are the best vacation destinations for seniors in the Caribbean? To answer the question of best destination, we need to define what seniors want.

Seniors are generally becoming a bit more reserved and quiet. They are not as much into fast casinos, loud discos and wild parties. They are into good food, enchanting conversation and a relaxed atmosphere. They like music, but it shouldn't blare and dancing is dancing, not gyrating around in masses on the floor! Seniors also like nature and enjoy life with cool breezes and gently lapping waves. They worry about heath and crime, wanting a place that can take care of problems, and yet that doesn't have them. Trying to balance the likes and dislikes of any group can be difficult, but it can be done.

The best vacation destinations for seniors in the Caribbean are the small destinations, the little islands in the Eastern Caribbean. Somewhere like Nevis! Why Nevis? Because it is small, high class and easy to get to, but not over crowded.

Seniors will find no casinos, loud discos or wild parties on Nevis, except on New Year's Eve! They have small hotels, restaurants and bars that, while they can get loud, you can ask and they will either turn down the music or move you to a quieter area. They value quiet conservation and friends talk with each other. This can take many seniors back in time to when much of the world was like that. The food is by all standards superb, unsurpassed by any other destination.

They have a small but well equipped and staffed Hospital that can handle everything from cut elbows to heart attacks. Crime on Nevis is low and they are working to keep it that way! Service is also excellent and friendly. They treat seniors with warmth and respect

Nevis, definitely one of the best vacation destinations for seniors in the Caribbean!

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