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Safety Tips for Riding on a Greyhound Bus

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"Safety Tips for Riding on a Greyhound Bus"
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Riding on a Greyhound bus can be an inexpensive and convenient way to travel.  There are certain hazards associated with such a trip, however, and being aware of these and taking the proper precautions can help you avoid a problem.  Consider the following safety tips for riding a Greyhound bus.

Do not wear a lot of flashy jewelry

You do not want to act the part of plump fish to the fisherman.  There is no reason to wear a lot of flashy jewelry while riding a Greyhound bus.  You obviously will not know everyone on the bus and you probably do not know all of the areas you might be stopping in.  If you must travel with these pieces then keep them hidden in a secure zippered pocket or some sort of pouch.  Do not tell anyone about them.

Keep cash hidden

You do not want to be flashing your wallet with a bunch of hundred dollar bills just asking for someone to snatch.  Try to keep your money hidden as much as possible, and again don’t mention it.  At many travel stores they sell pouches and wallets that can be easily hidden on legs, arms, around your waist and in other hidden places.  You might want to try to avoid bringing a lot of cash anyways and just figure you will go to an ATM when you get where you are going. 

Do not follow anyone into a secluded area into a rest stop

When you go to a rest stop, you will want to be very careful.  Do not follow someone somewhere, especially away from the other passengers. No matter how charming someone seems or whatever story they give you, you need to protect yourself.  People who seem great can sometimes have nefarious purposes.  If you are in a secluded area, you can see if you can get someone that you feel safe with like the bus driver to go with you somewhere. 

Try to avoid fights with people

Sadly, sometimes fights that start about very small things on a bus can escalate into big problems.  Some people have major anger problems and little arguments can escalate to all-out brawls.  If you encounter one of these characters on your Greyhound bus, you will want to do all you can to avoid an all out fight.  No matter how much they are goading you, do not allow yourself to get started on something you cannot win.  You do not want to end up with a problem.  If you refuse to be engaged, it will usually just end and then you can just ignore them.

Be very careful about giving your information to anyone

Most people will not have a reason to give out personal information to someone on the Greyhound bus.  Again, there are some unsavory characters who might appear harmless and yet they are not.  When you give someone even a small bit of information such as your full name, they may be able to find your address and a lot of other information from just that.  Once they know it you can’t take it back.

You want your Greyhound bus trip to be successful, easy and most of all safe.  Consider the above safety tips when traveling on such a trip.

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