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My dream vacation

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"My dream vacation"
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If money was not an object, there are several places my family and I would go. We would have the time of our lives. The most important part of these vacations would be spending quality time together and learning together.

The first vacation my family and I would take would be an extended stay in Ireland. We would rent a car and drive to the coast. There we would find a little bed and breakfast. Out on window we would see the foamy waves lap at the shore. From another window we would see the rolling green hills spotted with fluffy white sheep.

In the morning, before a traditional Irish breakfast, we would walk along the beach. My daughter would find interesting stones and shells as my husband and I held hands as we walked behind her. The calm sound of the waves would relax us as we worked up an appetite for the hearty breakfast being prepared for us.

After breakfast, we would drive into a nearby town for some window shopping. We would enjoy watching the locals live their daily lives as we strolled through the town, taking in all the sights. We would stop for lunch and then drive around the countryside.

We would be back at the bed and breakfast just in time for supper. After eating, back to the beach to watch the sunset.

We would fall into the soft feather beds and sleep the sleep of angels. The windows would be open. The smell of the salt water and freshly cut grass would give us wonderful dreams and we would wake up refreshed and ready for our new adventures.

We would head for the city of Cork. Curiosity would have gotten the best of us; we want to know if if is true about the quick wit and sense of humor of this city's residents. We would roam the town, seeing all we could see.

We couldn't miss out on kissing the blarney stone and that would be our next stop. Probably the most commercial area of vacation, we would load up on souvenirs.

Most of our time on this vacation would be spent in the out of the way places. Spending time with the locals, maybe even learning a little Gaelic while we were there. To be able to spend time in a quiet, not so bustling, place would be such a blessing to us. We would love to get in touch with our Irish roots and learn more about the country, it's history and traditions, and, most importantly, it's people.

The second vacation we would take would be an African safari. The entire family would love seeing all the wild animals in their natural habitat. The camera would never stop clicking as we travel through the wild. We would also get see the natives in the area, taking part in their customs.

The next vacation we would take would be Europe. Starting in Italy, we would enjoy the art, food, and architecture. Learning more of the country's history would be a major part of our stay. We would visit Rome, taking in all the sites. The Vatican would be another stop for us. Maybe a little skiing, too.

Greece would be a stop for us in Europe. Walking along the shore, seeing all the ruins would be at the top of our to do list. From there, we would go to Germany.

In Germany, we would tackle skiing and the wonderful food. We would see all the sites of Berlin, Bern and Dusseldorf. The beauty of the German countryside would overwhelm us.

We would then travel to Poland. The main reason for this stop is to pay our respects to those who lost their lives in the concentration camps.

Of course, no trip to Europe would be complete without stopping in Switzerland for some chocolate and more skiing. It would be wonderful if we could find a little village like the one described in the book "Heidi." My daughter would love to have that story come to life for her even more than it already is.

We would stop in Holland. I want my daughter to see where Ann Frank lived and understand better the sacrifices her family and other made trying to keep the family together and safe. We would walk around the countryside, explaining to our daughter how dikes work. We would have to buy lots of tulips, tulip seeds, and chocolate.

The final vacation we would take would be in a luxury spa. We would have to have serious downtime before returning to life in the real world. Massages, mud baths, seaweed wraps would all be tried. Room service would be called frequently.

Then, back to our regular lives, where money is an object.

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