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How to Reduce Toll Charges when Driving between Baltimore and new York City

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"How to Reduce Toll Charges when Driving between Baltimore and new York City"
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How to reduce toll charges when driving between Baltimore and New York city

The drive between Baltimore, Maryland, and New York City is less than 200 miles. This drive passes through many urban centers and passes through many toll booths. Traveling northbound, it is possible to pay $18 in tolls. The three major tolls on this route include the I-95 Millard Tidings Bridge, the Delaware Turnpike, and the New Jersey Turnpike.

The Delaware Memorial Bridge toll is only applicable for southbound travelers. Two of these tolls can be lowered or even avoided by using detours that do not significantly increase travel time.

The I-95 Millard Tidings bridge in Maryland has a $5.00 toll for northbound travelers. While there is a parallel bridge on US Route 40, this parallel bridge also has a $5.00 toll. Unless a traveler wishes to drive 10+ miles to use US Route 1, this toll cannot be easily avoided.

The cost of the Delaware Turnpike is $4.00 for an automobile. While Delaware is one of the smallest states, it has one of the largest tolls for its approximate 11 mile toll road. Fortunately, there is a very easy way to avoid the $4.00 toll. Traveling northbound, the toll can be avoided by taking Exit 109. Exit 109 is Maryland Route 279 and the last exit in Maryland.

A driver should use Maryland Route 279 and head towards Newark, Delaware. In Delaware, Maryland Route 279 becomes Delaware Route 2. Stay in the right lane and turn right onto Christina Parkway (still Route 2). Continue past the old Chrysler factory and turn right on Delaware Route 896. Continue on Delaware Route 896 to I-95. The total length of this detour is under 5 miles. There are gas stations and fast food restaurants along this route.

The cost of driving the New Jersey Turnpike from the Delaware Memorial Bridge to the George Washington Bridge is $9.05 for an automobile. This cost can be reduced to $6.25 by using I-295. After crossing the Delaware Memorial Bridge, follow I-295 north to its last exit, I-195, outside of Trenton, New Jersey. Take I-195 east to the New Jersey Turnpike. Continue north on the New Jersey Turnpike to the George Washington Bridge. This detour adds minimal mileage. I-295 parallels the New Jersey Turnpike. In fact, there are several portions of I-295 where the New Jersey Turnpike is visible.

By using these two detours around the Delaware Turnpike and portions of the New Jersey Turnpike, an automobile driver can save $6.80 per trip.

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