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Great Bed and Breakfasts East Coast

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The East coast of the United States is densely populated for sure, but it is also densely populated with over 400 years of history. Each little town has a story and each little town, has a bed and breakfast!

To find a great bed and breakfast on the East Coast, one doesn't really have to look very far. It all depends upon one's level of interest; If You would like to visit the Battle Fields of Gettysburg in Pennsylvania, then the Battlefield bed and breakfast is awaiting your reservation!

The Gettysburg bed and breakfast, sits proudly upon thirty acres of battle field. It offers eight rooms, Friday night ghost stories, winter murder mysteries and, you can even try on some civil war uniforms and fire off a couple of black powder muskets, if you wish. Best of all, a full, hot breakfast is served here!

If you'd like to venture across the Mason Dixon Line and stay in Confederate territory, then The Jackson Rose bed and breakfast in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, is looking for your phone call! Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, it once belonged to the Lee family and was also, Thomas (Stonewall) Jackson's temporary head quarters, during the civil war!

The Jackson Rose bed and breakfast offers queen size beds, a boat load of history and a full hot breakfast, consisting of down to earth, homemade, home grown and locally made products! Very well worth it!

Tired of the civil war? Then head on east to Annapolis, Maryland! Annapolis has a lot of significant history! It is also home to the famous Naval Academy! The two combined, makes this little historic, water front town a tinder box of activity.

The Gatehouse of Annapolis bed and breakfast is extremely well situated within the heart of Colonial Annapolis. It's Georgian architecture and a tasteful mixture of English and American furnishings, certainly lends itself to an era, past and present!

At The Gatehouse; Spacious rooms with four poster beds, up to date technology, private bathrooms and a very hearty, top of the line breakfast, will definitely elevate your comfort level and satisfy you taste buds!

Both the Eastern Shores of Maryland and Virginia, offer a truly romantic experience for the bed and breakfast connoisseur; Here you can while away your time exploring the little fishing and crabbing communities, without the intervention of time! Freshly caught seafood, fresh air and refreshing seascapes, will all contribute to a relaxing day, or even a weekend, on the Eastern Shore!

The Brampton Inn, located just outside of Chestertown, Maryland, is an absolute must stay! In 2006, it was voted one of American Historic Inn's, top ten most romantic Inns. Originally, a plantation house built in 1860, this magnificently well kept bed and breakfast Inn, completely harmonizes with it's twenty acres of beautifully wooded landscape!

The owners of Brampton Inn, are very meticulous about the comfort that they offer to their guests; Each guest room is decorated with antique furnishings and oriental rugs and most, feature a wood burning fire place and a whirlpool. With a very friendly and caring attitude and a great breakfast, The Brampton Inn aims to make your stay, a memorable one!

There are hundreds quaint little towns and communities, strewn along the eastern coastline. If you would prefer something a little more secluded, then the Channel Bass Inn bed and breakfast, on Chincoteague Island, in Virginia, is probably what you are looking for!

Or, if you would completely like to get away from everything altogether, then a ten mile ferry boat ride to Tylerton on Smith Island, in Maryland, could be the ultimate treat. Here, one can enjoy bike riding, canoeing, bird watching or simply reading a good book. The hospitality offered by Rob and Linda Kellog, at their beautifully furnished Inn of Silent Music, is an experience not to be missed!

Further north, lies, what I call; The bed and breakfast Mecca of the East Coast! Some of the most architecturally appealing bed and breakfasts can be found in Cape May, New Jersey! Just about every street in the heart of Cape May, is lined with breathtaking architecture, heavily influenced by a multitude of Victorian styles from all over the world!

Cape May, is considered one of the very first seaside towns in the United States and it has a lot of interesting history! Once you check into the B and B of your choice, then one can enjoy a walk along the beach, followed by a stroll through the town; Everything is in easy reach by foot. There are plenty of restaurants, bars and shops, all offering something a little different, just like the buildings you will see along the way.

There are literally thousands of great bed and breakfasts awaiting investigation. They don't stop at Cape May, they continue on through New Jersey, New York and up the coast and into Canada, then back down through the middle!

I wish you all the best with your travels and I hope you find, like I have; that it is indeed, very difficult to determine which are the greatest bed and breakfasts, as they are all very unique and they will all stand out in your mind, in many different ways!

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