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Best Gay Friendly Honeymoon Destinations

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"Best Gay Friendly Honeymoon Destinations"
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It can be challenging to find a good honeymoon destination if you are a gay newlywed.  Some places are definitely more friendly than others to the gay lifestyle.  You want a place that you are going to feel comfortable in.  The following are some of the best gay friendly honeymoon destinations.

Miami and South Beach

South Florida is a wonderful place for anyone to take a honeymoon.  They have the gorgeous beaches, which provide a lovely and romantic destination for any newly married couple.  You can relax in the sun during the day and take long, beautiful walks under the shining stars at night.  In addition, there is a great deal of entertainment in Miami and South Beach.  There are many clubs that have fun entertainment, and many of them are gay friendly.  You can dance the night away or just sit by the bar and relax.  Also, they have different bands of varying genres that you can listen to.

If you like culture you will also find a lot of this in Miami.  They have fun Spanish cuisine as well as art museums, science museums, the opera, plays and other special events, which can provide entertainment for a newlywed couple.  There are many hotels that cater to people of all different budgets.  Miami or South Beach would make a great honeymoon destination for a gay couple.

Key West

A little farther south, you will find yet another great honeymoon destination for a gay couple.  Key west is at the southern tip of Florida, and they offer gorgeous beaches and many different activities.  You can go sailing, snorkeling, parasailing and touring this fun town.  They have many bars and entertainment.  They are extremely gay friendly, and many newly wedded couples will feel very comfortable in this casual town.  There are many hotels as well as homey bed and breakfasts, which would make a nice place to relax during your honeymoon.  The food is also fun and flavorful.


A fun honeymoon destination for everyone, no matter whether you are gay or not, is the Orlando area and its accompanying theme parks.  There is much to do, day and night, in this happening town.  No matter what your tastes are you are likely to find much to fill the time.  There are many hotels there, which provide wonderful value for travelers, as well as restaurants of all different types.  This can be a fun honeymoon.

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