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Have you ever flown out of Los Angeles, Fortworth or Miami airport.? Have you ever had to use the restroom before a flight or aftert take off. Did you ever think to rate a restroom on a scale from 1 to 10. Rating 1 for the worst restroom and 10 for the best?

After spending hours on a plane, and bummed about having a 1 hour layover in Fortworth Texas, after landing the last thing that wanted was a filthy toilet seat. The last time I flew from Miami to Los Angeles. After landing one afternoon in fort dallas I relized something. Some restroom airports are nicer than others. It seemed the more I traveled the easier it was too narrow three airports and use these three to rate the worst airport restroom, along with rating the nicest restroom's at an airport.

For some reason Miami's restrooms is disgusting and walking into the women's restroom, I noticed that this restroom was different from Los Angeles and Texas too. Miami was the worst airport restroom. In fact looking at all the filth made me literally, sick to my stomach. Because of the dirtiness I decided not to eliminate and to hold my urine, rather than using their facility. The worst thing about MIA public restroom is that most of the stalls I went into were filthy. Many of the stalls I saw had un-flushed toilets, urine on toilet seat, toilet paper surrounding the toilet seat and stall floor. Many of the stalls had aluminum trash cans as three were overfilled with Bloody Tampons sticking out far enough that someone not paying attention, like a child or adult walking into the restroom and bumping into this disposible waste can full of bloody tampons. Despite the filth, MIA restroom was gloomy and looked more like an out house rather than a public restroom.

On the other hand Los Angeles airport was not as filthy as MIA. LAX restroom is maintained better than MIA. The stalls were not so dirty and most of the trashes that I observed were not overfill with contaminated tampons and Kotex. The floors were clear and the sinks had water settling, everywhere. Although LAX restrooms is maintained better than MIA. The architectural design and structure makes using the restroom, bearable. Infect my restroom of choice was the airports facility in Dallas, Fort worth Texas. Dallas Airport has the nicest restrooms. The restrooms are clean and beautifully designed. The restrooms is maintained by the airport staff, who take pride making sure visitors walk into a clean restroom.

Therefore, MIA is my last choice, LAX second choice,and Dallas Fort worth Texas the cleanest and my number for following Public health standards for nicest restroom to land in. MIA needs to clean up their restrooms and seek additional training in disease control

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