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A Visitors Guide to Port Isaac Places to Visit in Cornwall where is Doc Martin Filmed

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"A Visitors Guide to Port Isaac Places to Visit in Cornwall where is Doc Martin Filmed"
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Port Isaac is a small fishing village situated in the county of Cornwall in the South West of England. This village recently became famous as it is the setting of a popular English TV series called Doc Martin. The show is filmed here so many people come to see exactly where the show is created. Port Isaac is only a small place and only has a population of a few thousand but it can often get busy in the summer months when the tourism industry is in full swing.

Port Isaac has a few nice little bed and breakfasts but there is little in the way of larger hotels. This is only a small place and so it’s not really the kind of place a lot of people look to stay. However there are some nice holiday homes in the village and also in the surrounding area, these are available for rent and they tend to be of a very high standard. There are also some really nice camp sites and caravan sites in the area, these are a good cheap alternative and all the sites in the area have excellent facilities.

As I mentioned many people come to Port Isaac to visit the set of the TV show Doc Martin. There are many buildings which feature in the TV show and some great photo opportunities. However other than just a few things to look at there is really not that much relating to the TV show itself, unless you turn up on a day when the filming is going on.

This is a really nice quaint little village. The village is located on the coast and surrounded by stunning scenery. There is a car park located just off the main road high up on the cliffs, then you can walk down into the centre of the little village. It is sometimes possible to drive down and park on the small beach but this is not always an option. It’s usually best to avoid driving down to the centre of the village.

There are a few nice things to see in the village. The lifeboat station is interesting to look around and there is some interesting history of the area and the lifeboat station. There are also some nice little shops offering local crafts and art, some of these are of a very high standard and really are impressive. There are also some nice little cafes and a lovely little pub offering good quality local food. The beach is a nice place to visit, this is a lovely little cove and there are some interesting rock pools to look round that are usually teeming with wildlife.

Overall Port Isaac is a really nice little village to visit and somewhere that really does have a great deal to offer. Although the village is only very small there is plenty to keep people entertained and on a nice summers day it really is a great place to look around. If you are ever in Cornwall then it’s well worth visiting this lovely little village.

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